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Nothing like other sea moss brands

After I finished my first jar of Lovers Rock, i went to my local grocery store to buy another company's sea moss thinking it would taste the same....was i wrong! Theirs was terrible, tasted very fishy and gross! Was so glad to see the owner at my local farmers market this weekend that I bought TWO jars to stock up. Nothing beats Lovers Rock Sea Moss!

Jamaican Sorrel & Ginger Sea Moss Gel

Enjoyed ginger lemon

I feel more vibrant. It helps my digestion esp in evenings once dinner is done. Smooth consistency. Im trying sorel flavor now. Reordered online. Texture is slightly different from first batch.

Absolutely Love!

This is my absolute favorite flavor. If you love ginger or looking to have it grow on you, this is a must try.


I have started something I can’t stop. This is the best seamoss I have ever tasted. I feel the difference and it feels amazing.

Elderberry & Lavender Sea Moss Gel

I'm so glad to have found this place at CurlFest 2023. First, the CEO was a dope individual and very friendly. The sea moss gel was even better, I put three more people onto this gem of a product, especially the Night Nurse. It's working wonders because I came home having a stuffy nose from sneezing, took my two tablespoons....what stuffy nose??? AMAZING!!!!

So my friend recommended for health and I agreed so I tried this for a month. Omg already my hair is seriously fuller, my nails feel stronger and I feel better overall. I have thin hair to begin with, but my sides are filling in. That's crazy! The ginger and hibiscus tastes really good alone, I dont even add to smoothies. Cant wait to try lemon and ginger! :-)

I absolutely love the taste of Lovers Rock Lemon & Ginger Sea Moss Gel! I mix it with Mott's Unsweetened Applesauce, and it is delicious! A friend told me about this combination, and now I swear by it! Try it, and I know you'll love it as much as I do!
- Pat

Although I like the benefits of the flavored options very much, I love that this is unflavored! I add it to so many things!!

So glad you like it!!

Life changer, joint health, gut reset at 66!

I’m soo happy I found y’all in the Bronx Night Market!. I love sea moss for all the great benefits it gives to our body. I feel great!. Im super happy 😊. And I will be ordering more. Health is Wealth! ♥️

Customer service is exellent!!!!!! Just started using the sea moss gel and I am loving it. I will be ordering more soon!!

Elderberry & Lavender Sea Moss Gel
Rachel B.

This seamoss stays on subscription!

Glad you’re loving it!!

My early morning routine! I love it

Good experience love the product

Appreciate the positive review George

Great taste not salty tasting great and fast delivery will definitely buy again!!

Excellent customer service.
Made fresh every Sunday.

Thank you Janice

Elderberry & Lavender Sea Moss Gel
Shakira H.

Well blended, excellent for tea.

So glad you like

Great found at vegandale been eating since

Salute my guy , appreciate the support

Sorrel flavor was my go to flavor but now that I’ve tried this flavor I love the lemon one even more!

Elderberry & Lavender Sea Moss Gel
Simone H.

My new favorite product to get in my Sea Moss fix. Great flavor and portion. The jars are large so make sure you consume daily in order to maximize the amount provided.
I met the owners at a street fair and they are an awesome team. I will continue to support.

I have been taking Lovers Rock SeaMoss for a year and I feel more energetic.. my pressure is regulated and my skin and hair glows and shine .

Great product

I absolutely love the Lemon & Ginger Sea Moss Gel! I mix it with applesauce, and I mix it with my tea! It is a great addition to my morning routine. It really is "The Good Life!"
- Pat

Always delicious. Fast delivery. Amazing customer service.