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The health benefits are out of this world!

The taste will take some getting use to. But overall it’s a great product


Been using this seamoss for over a year and has been absolutely fantastic.

Infusion Free Seamoss Gel

I really like these products. They are well made and it has an expiration to maintain freshness. I highly recommend

Love this stuff!

I've been using this brand of seas moss gel for a few months now and this time I decided to try a new infusion. I have been loving this one! When I'm taking it I have more energy throughout the day and it is helpful with my digestive health. I'm exciting to see what other benefits will come as I continue to take it consistently.

real food packed with nutrients

I found out I need extra vitamins and minerals in my diet.
I absolutely hate taking pills but love food, this is a yummy, non sweet treat I look forward to eating every day, just one big spoonful and Im receiving vital nutrients that help my body function optimally. Im a big fan of the ginger lemon, i think its the best flavor of them all.

So yummy

I only use this in my protein shakes. However! There’s no nasty after taste. I’ve only used it for about a week but it gives me a boost of energy for sure.

Phenomenal product

Highly recommend! High quality, the company is amazing. Friendly owners. Very grateful. It arrived in no time

Amazing Product, Can't Wait to Buy More!

This was my first time trying sea moss gel and I was skeptical about if it would actually do anything for my health. I haven't been using it for that long, but I can already see that when I'm taking it I have more energy throughout the day and that it is helpful with my digestive health. I'm exciting to see what other benefits will come as I continue to take it consistently.

This flavor is great in the winter!

I love the smell of lavender and elderberry is great to keep the colds away! A tablespoon of seamoss a day helps keep the Doctor away! 😃

Love Lemon & Ginger Seamoss

This flavor is sooooo good I take 2 tablespoons every morning without mixing with anything! Delicious! 💗

Lemon and Ginger Seamoss

You can can smell as well as tastes the lemon and ginger. It’s really make my smoothie pop. It is also great in tea. I highly recommend it

Sea Moss is Gold

“This is gold” were the words that a fellow seamoss orderee told me that inspired my first purchase. I have not regretted it! It makes me feel amazing, helps my skin stay clear, and is the first thing I start my day with. Any issues I’ve had with shipping have been immediately and gracefully resolved. I would highly reccomend!


I have been purchasing the lemon & ginger seamoss every two weeks since November 2023. I love this product.

Great for smoothies

Because of the flavor it’s slightly less versatile than some of the others. This is specifically my smoothie sea moss and I love it for that!

Variety Pack

I love the product and the option for a variety pack with good flavors. Making my third order soon.


I love love love this sea moss! The flavor is super smooth, its part of my daily health regimen. Highly recommend!

Great Experience

This is my 3rd order counting what I purchased at Vegandale. Your product is the best I have tried hands down. I’m

Love the flavor!!

This is the second sea moss infusion that I’ve purchased from Lovers Rock and it did not disappoint!! It’s the perfect addition to a cup of hibiscus tea! (To make my tea, I mix hibiscus tea, hot water, and the sea moss gel.). I will surely order this sea moss infusion again!


I very rarely write reviews but I had to share how much I love this product!! First, this is my first experience with sea moss. Second, I’ve researched companies for months and I chose this company primarily because of the few ingredients (watching the demonstration videos on Instagram) used to make the spirulina/matcha sea moss gel. Third, I take this sea moss infusion primarily at night. I make a tea (hot water, spirulina/matcha sea moss gel, and fresh lemon juice) and I wake in the morning feeling clear/refreshed. I’m so happy with this product!


This flavor was delightful! I’ve been mixing it with my oatmeal in the morning. The lavender scent is very subtle but you can still taste the flavor. Overall, the seamoss was a great addition to my wellness routine. I’ll be ordering some more very soon.

Fasting Supplement

I love using this in the morning with my burdock tea before I start my day. Pleasant tasting .