Black and Brown communities are 60% more likely to suffer from sugar-related Illnesses.

That’s why Lovers Rock Sea Moss contains ZERO added sugar, only 100% Natural & Organic ingredients.

Just like Mother Earth intended.

Who We Are

Lovers Rock Sea Moss was born during the height of COVID-19, with the desire to make nutritious Sea Moss infusions with no added sugar, only plant-based vitamins and minerals. Our #1 goal is to provide our community with a healthy, organic, premium, yet affordable superfood that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

From Co-Founder Rich Williams:

"As a first-generation Jamaican-American, Sea Moss (Irish Moss) was a part of my daily breakfast routine growing up (just like cornmeal porridge and ackee and callaloo). I continued to take sea moss as an adult, but the blends I found all had added sugar from fruit juices and/or sweetened milk.

So I decided to create my own Sea Moss gel that contains all the health benefits Sea Moss already brings you, with the infusion of all-natural, plant-based ingredients..resulting in the nutrient packed dietary addition that is Lovers Rock Sea Moss!"

Our Mission

We are committed to decolonize health and wellness by providing access to this nutrient-dense sea vegetable which has been used by our Caribbean ancestors for centuries. Lovers Rock Sea Moss is a superfood that aids in combating illness primarily caused by environmental inequalities, discriminatory healthcare practices, and the lack of healthy food options that often plague Black & Brown neighborhoods.